Section 1              – Organization

The 37th edition of the International Marathon MOBIL of New Caledonia is organized on Sunday August 25, 2019 by COMINC association Law 1901, affiliated to the French Athletics Federation in partnership with the city of Nouméa.


Section 2              – Route

The trace of the event is measured according to the standards in force and is in accordance with federal and international racing regulation on Road (FFA and IAAF). The competitor undertakes on the honor not to anticipate the departure and go for the full distance before crossing the finish line.


Section 3              – Timetables

Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 11AM: Briefing, presentation of invited runners and the best New Caledonians, pasta party for marathon runners with delivery of personal refuelings at the Hippodrome Henry Millard.


Sunday, August 25, 2019 : all starts will be given in at the entrance of the Hippodrome Henry Millard, in Blériot Street : All arrivals will be judged in Nouméa, Hippodrome Henry Millard  stands side


Section 4              – Registration

On-line on the website: or the FACEBOOK Page:  until Wednesday, August 21, 2018 11PM


On-site, from Monday 19 to Friday, August 23, 2018 9AM to 6PM at the Hippodrome Henry Milliard..


Events are opened to

all licensed and non-licensed runners

, depending on age limits and the following distances: 

-Marathon: born in 1999 and before

-Half marathon: born in 2001 and before 

-10 km: born in 2003 and before

-Challenge «Agnès BERNARD»: by category born from 2006 to 2013.


However, participation in these events (except the Challenge «Agnès BERNARD») is subject to the prior provision or presentation on-site during the withdrawal of numbers of a medical certificate or a copy of your sports valid licence.

Also, in accordance with the regulations in force, will be accepted the participants presenting, according to the case:

- an “Athlé Competition” licence, an “Athlé Health Leisure” licence option Running or a Pass'Running issued by the French Athletics Federation;

- a licence issued by FFTRI, FFC Orientation, FFPModerne;

- a medical certificate of no contraindication for the practice of athletics competition dating from less than a year to the date of the event or its photocopy. This document will be kept in original or copy by the Organizer as proof in case of accident. No other document can be accepted to attest the presentation of a medical certificate.

Act No. 99-223, on the protection of the health of athletes and the fight against doping, was passed in the National Assembly on 23 March 1999.

These provisions oblige all French riders or foreigners to provide evidence of their ability in the practice of running in competition, fitness justified by a medical certificate issued by a doctor, following a medical examination.


Section 5              – Pole position

The organization provides a "preferential” SAS's departure at runners request and able to demonstrate a chronometric performance in 2017 or 2018 on the run distance:

 Marathon: Man < 3 h 00' & woman < 3: 30 pm, half marathon: Man < 1 h 15' & woman < 1 h 30'.


Section 6              – Ranking

"Scratch" overall and age categories will be done to a separate classification in accordance with the rules of the French Athletics Federation. It is reminded that checkings will be carried out during the event to ensure the good condition of regularity of the race.


Section 7              – Commitment

Any commitment is personal, firm and final, and cannot be subject to refund for any reason whatsoever. No transfer registration is allowed for any reason whatsoever. Any person passing his number to a third person, shall be recognized responsible if accident occurred or caused by this person during the event. The Organization declines all responsibility for accident facing this type of situation. The number must be fully legible and pinned on the side front of the runner during the race.


Section 8              – Withdrawal of numbers:

The withdrawal of numbers will be carried out in “numbers space” at the Hippodrome Henry Millard in Nouméa, from Monday 19 to Friday, August 23 from 9AM to 6PM non stop. The delivery of the number will only be on presentation of medical proof or licence in case they have not been previously sent.

For online registration, the bibs will be given only on Thursday, August 22 and Friday, August 23 at the racetrack and for the Marathon on Saturday, August 24 at the Pasta Party.

No race number will be sent by mail.

Section 9              - Federal regulations

The French Athletics Federation through NLAC is and commissioned a jury of judges arbitrators including the power of decision is without appeal. They are assisted in their missions of officials and race stewards.


Section 10            – Supplies and showers

Refueling points are installed every 5 kilometers from KM 5 as well as upon arrival. Several showers stations will be installed on the circuit. The delivery of personal refueling of marathon runners will be done at the pasta party on Saturday, August 24, 11AM.


Section 11            – Security

The Organization and the City of Nouméa will ensure implementation of all possible way to guarantee safety runners and the audience in the context of the test. Health coverage of the event will be provided by an association of emergency approved by OHCHR.

Rescue workers recruited by the present organization on these aid stations may decide to the exclusion of a competitor for health reasons. His number will be removed, meaning without appeal its exclusion.

Any rider off the race deciding to continue the test, do so under its sole responsibility and the Organization cannot be held responsible for accidents.


Section 12            - Race time

No limit of time on our tests.


Section 13            - Timing

The timing will be made by a timekeeper approved by the FFA.


Section 14            – Insurance

Civil liability: in accordance with the legislation in force, the organizers agreed liability insurance, guaranteeing the acts of the members of the Organization as well as those of competitors.

Personal accident: the Organization recommends to all participants who have no personal insurance covering their personal injuries, including the unlicensed a Sports Federation, to take a personal insurance in the context of their participation in the event.


Section 15            - Right to one's image

When tacking its commitment to the race, each competitor expressly authorizes the COMINC (or their successors) to use or make use or reproduce, or to reproduce his name, his image, his voice and his personal sporting performance in the context of the event for any direct use or form derived from the test and, on any medium, worldwide by all means known or unknown to this day, and for the duration of protection currently afforded to these direct operations or derived by legislative or regulatory provisions, decisions judicial and/or arbitral of all countries as well as international conventions existing or future, including for possible extensions that could be made at this time.


Section 16            - Traffic on the route

Bicycles, skateboards or motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on the course, apart from the Organization.


Section 17            – Abandonment

Any competitor wishing to leave must present themselves at a fueling station or an emergency station and get back his number.


Section 18            – Honors – Awards


On Sunday August 25 at Henry Millard Hippodrome

-              9h00AM : Podium 10KM men/women for the 3 first scratch ranking and first for each category

-              9h30AM : 10KM : tombola drawing of lots

-              16h-18h : photos distribution at finish line for Marathon and Semi-marathon

-              18h : Awards Ceremony for Marathon and Semi-marathon, followed by a cocktail.


              Marathon : for the 5 first scratch ranking / 3 first of each category / 3 first local runners men/women

              Semi-marathon : for the 3 first scratch ranking / 3 first of each category men/women


ATTENTION : prizes allocated to scratch ranking cannot be cumulative to prize by category and prize to local runners (prize amounts on website)

A tee-shirt is given at time of registration and a medal at finish line.


Section 19            – Disabled

The race of the Marathon and the half marathon is open to disabled riders. A 'disabled' departure will be given advance from 6.50AM, only for wheelchair racers licensed by the French Federation Handisport.


Section 20            – CNIL

In accordance with the law and freedom of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and rectify your personal data. Through us, you may need to receive proposals from other companies or associations.


Section 21            - Damages

The Organization declines all responsibility in case of theft or damage that may occur during the sporting event.


Section 22            – Care

 any rider allows the Organization to give all medical care and hospitalization in case of accident or emergency.


Section 23            – Accident

In case of failure to comply with the recommendations of the Organization, it accepts no liability in case of accident.


Section 24            – Approval

Any participant acknowledges having taken knowledge of these regulations and accept all the clauses, under penalty of disqualification.