Jean BERTHET, who has experience of running, delivers his advices to prepare this effort, 8 days before the kickoff. He is an off stadium trainer with a 3rd degree in coaching, and moreover, taught the physiology for many years.

His secrets will allow runners to calmly face the test and having a better recovery tests.


•Day - 8: Saturday, August 17th

At this stage, the rider should be well prepared but fragile. He should take no risk and especially "do not add". A day of rest will be welcome.


•Day - 7: Sunday, August 18th

In a week, the rider will need to start in a state of freshness. So this is not the time to run 2h or 2h30. Output from 1h to 1h30 maximum, with eventually 15' of specific speed, for the best riders, will be ample.


•Day - 6: Monday, August 19th

As after each long output, it is a day of rest.


•Day - 5: Tuesday, August 20th

The rider would confine himself to light jogging followed of a small fraction at a specific speed.



•Day - 4: Wednesday August 21st

A 40' jogging before the high-carbohydrate diet will make the muscle more eager and more suitable for the storage of glycogen.


•Day - 3: Thursday, August 22nd

Less you do, better it will be!

Ideally, do not work out that day so as not to impede the saturation process.

The penetration of glucose in muscle fibers is optimal in the first hours of the carbohydrate phase.

In addition, do not forget to hydrate thoroughly.


•Day - 2: Friday August 23rd

The high-carbohydrate regime continues and it is better to rest in order to do not initiate the reserves of glycogen.

However, the repeated shock waves on feet on the tarmac, the decrease of irrigation of the digestive tract and frequent stress can create in the test, gastrointestinal phenomena in runners.

For the most sensitive, it will be wise to avoid as early as Friday all foods rich in fiber (whole grains, vegetables and fruits raw... except the ripe banana and kiwi) leaving residues in the digestive tract.


•Day - 1: Saturday, August 24th

A very light 20' morning jogging will allow the more anxious to vent their anguish.

Most experienced can recall the allure by making a last mile at specific speed (their allure during the race).


•D Day: Sunday, August 25th


It has no effect on glycogen reserves. To help prevent hypoglycemia, it must bring carbohydrates to restore liver glycogen started during sleep.

To protect rider from "muscle case-insensitive", it must also provide amino acids.

For those who are able of getting up at 3AM and looking to eat only traditional food, taking sweet reduced-fat yogurt, muesli or rice cake, can be the ideal menu.

The others who prefer to stay a bit longer in bed can opt for cake diet, rich in carbohydrates but containing lipids. Prepared the day before, it can be eaten 2 hours before departure, accompanied by a hot drink, avoiding coffee milk, very indigestible.





•Last minute:

Especially do not swallow a glucose drink that would cause a reactive hypoglycemia just at the time of departure.


•The warm-up:

There will be minimal. This is not the time to use your stored glycogen reserves so difficult to gain. One kilometer alternating between jogging and walking will be enough (for the marathon!).


•The supply:

On the line of departure and then at each refueling station, swallow 10, 15cl of hypotonic energy drink (30 g/l)


•The allure:

The safest way to achieve a counter-performance is ride in a faster rhythm. Do not be won by the euphoria of the departure. In competition, everything seems easier than training, because the rider is rested and his tank is full of super. From the first km, check your time.


•When the finish line is crossed, should treat the recovery in refueling carbohydrate (very dilute sweet drinks, dried fruit, liquid yogurt...) and by neutralizing acidity (bicarbonate soda).


•The post-race meal will be of type octo-lacto-vegetarian and will exclude the animal flesh. A period of regeneration of two weeks is required to recover from these efforts. The 1st week will be devoted to complete rest to enable damaged muscle fibers to heal and the 2nd week will quietly resume by simple footing at slow speed on soft floor preferably.