The marathon and half-marathon's departure will be held at 7 AM and the 10km race at 8 AM.

This plan should allow you to better prepare your race by locating the mileage points and refuelling, shower points and relief positions.

For the three events: distance from the start and the AQUARIUM1 U-turn 2,617 metres.

For the marathon: distance from the start and the AQUARIUM2 U-turn 6,586 metres, the PRONY1 U-turn 15,760 metres, the AQUARIUM3 U-turn 24,993 metres and the PRONY2 U-turn 34,192 metres.

For the half marathon: distance from the start and the AQUARIUM2 U-turn 6,586 metres and the SEMI U-turn 14,429 metres

Two large free parking will be available just in front of the Racecourse but you must arrive before 6.30AM as traffic was very limited after this time.

The start area is located in BLÉRIOT Street, just in front of the entrance to the hippodrome.

Washrooms are at your disposal under the stands.

This year, a new route was drawn and measured.


Every 5 km, mineral water, dry raisins, oranges and bananas are available in addition to your personal drinks.


Two shower stations shall be placed on the course.


A clock will give you your final arrival time.

Aid stations

Placed on arrival and each half-turn, an emergency station is ready to intervene.


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